Josephine Murray-Smith
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Edinburgh

About Counselling and Psychotherapy

These two words are often interchangeable and I explain the main differences below.


Counselling is often shorter term, dealing with such things as life transitions and their difficulties. For example the problems that come with divorce, menopause, redundancy, death of a loved one. These are just a few examples of when Counselling can be of use.


Psychotherapy is often longer term and can help you deal with how you feel about yourself, such as lack of confidence, low self esteem, feelings of shame and self loathing, depression and dark thoughts. These thoughts can make you feel alone and isolated, and psychotherapy can help you understand why you think and feel this way so that you can begin to change. Other issues that can be helped with Psychotherapy are Disorders of the Personality such as the Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can help you to learn to communicate better, to understand and appreciate the other, and to agree a way forward through life.

I offer an initial consultation which gives you a chance to tell your story and for us to decide if we want to work together. At this point there is no further commitment. We can then decide the best way forward.

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